The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
a classic book on software project management
In the book, he famously argued that
adding more people to a development project will hinder rather than help to get things done faster.
The Waterfall Model Failed
The problem was that the Waterfall Model was
the fact that we believed that we could always engineer the perfect system on the first try.
The second problem with it was that
in nature, dynamic systems are not
they evolve.
It is the evolutionary idea that lead to the development of agile methods.

Agile Methods - Evolving Software

It's The Libraries, Stupid!

While the choice of programming language is typically a sensitive subject
the truth is that
it is not the language,but the libraries that come with it that make a difference.

The Future of Software Development: Just a Few Good Men

a handful of developers are now able to build systems that are used by millions of people.